And what to expect

We design and handcraft every cabinet from scratch. Since everything is customized, you can get almost any type of style, configuration, size, wood, stain, finish, colour or look you want. Here is a summary of our approach and how we will give you a unique cabinet solution – from start to finish.

Getting started

Your custom cabinet solution starts with an initial meeting so that we can get details on what you have in mind:

  • What type of cabinet?
  • What are the approximate dimensions?
  • Have you thought about wood, finishes, and decorative features?
  • Is there a specific style or look?

Schedule an initial consultation with our certified designers to get started.

We’re located in OakWood’s new Cabinet Showroom at 555 Bank Street (2nd ) floor at Randall’s. Come and see samples of the materials, styles, and finishes that are available for your custom cabinet solution and to get some initial ideas.

When you book your initial consult, we’ll email our Cabinet Planning Guide which you can use to jot down key facts and features in advance of your meeting.

Onsite meeting to take measurements

Once we’ve got a good idea of what you are looking for our designer will schedule an in-home meeting to take exact measurements.

We’ll also gather other important information that could help us with any design recommendations such as lighting, appliance information, décor, and other items that pertain to your cabinetry solution.

Proposal presentation

We’ll present a detailed proposal usually within three to Five days of our initial meeting. This confirms the type of cabinet, wood, style choices, time lines, and budget. Once reviewed and approved, we’re ready to move to the design stage.

Concept design

We use state-of-the-art software to provide you with a photo realistic concept design for your cabinet solution. All information gathered from our initial and onsite meetings are leveraged here to deliver a custom solution with all the features and finishes discussed and within the budget we agreed to.


Have a peak at a few of the sample concept designs below to see what you can expect (click to see a larger image).

Custom build

Once you approve the design with all materials, finishes, and hardware, we’re ready to hand this off to our artisans and construction begins!

Your cabinet will be crafted using the highest quality materials, well-honed production processes, and stringent quality control to ensure a one of a kind cabinet solution.


We deliver a completely finished, handcrafted cabinet solution constructed to your exact specifications with all doors and shelves in place including the installation of all hardware.

Generally custom cabinets are shipped within 5 to 8 weeks of the final concept design being approved. If your cabinetry includes a countertop for a kitchen or bathroom, this will be packaged separately and require assembly.

Optional services


  • Installation: we offer optional installation services to ensure your custom cabinetry is perfectly mounted or fitted into the space or room that it is designed for and all hardware items carefully affixed
  • Renovation services – if your cabinet is part of a larger renovation project, our parent company OakWood can provide a turnkey Design + Build renovation solution

How to get started

  •  Book a free in-home consultation with our design consultant.
  • Receive our Cabinet Planning Guide – emailed when you book your consult.
  • Add product and gallery photos to your MY FAVORITES folder and share or email this to our designer to discuss your selections when you meet.