Have you noticed?

Everyone claims to offer quality. Easy to say. What does it mean? As our name implies, you can be sure we take quality seriously. Here’s what we mean and how we are able to provide an affordable, high-quality cabinetry solution.

The hand touch of an artisan

Our cabinetry solutions are handcrafted by artisans and skilled woodworkers with decades of experience. Cabinetry is what they do – every day. Wood, and how to transform it, is what they know. Using state-of-the-art tools and technology they take great pride in handcrafting cabinetry solutions that are as unique as you are.

There are no manufacturing or production limitations with Seriös. You are free to express yourself and get exactly what you want for any room or space.

Say ‘no’ to standard, ready-to-ship preassembled cabinets that aren’t quite right – or very common. Say ‘yes’ to flexibility, freedom, and personalization.

Say ‘yes’ to Seriös!

The freedom to choose…personalize…and get precisely what you want!

A cabinet from Seriös will do something that is becoming rarer these days. It will last. That’s because it is handcrafted by knowledgeable experts who carefully select only the highest quality wood and materials.

Our production processes and quality control are based on decades of construction experience and are constantly evolving to ensure we consistently deliver a quality product – that will stand the test of time.

Built to last…and last

A complete solution from beginning to end

From our initial meeting to discuss your cabinet to the final delivered handcrafted solution, we take care of you every step of the way.

Our cabinetry solution includes consultation, concept design – with photo realistic renderings to show you exactly what your cabinetry will look like in a room context – material selection for hardware and decorative accents, through to delivery of a final, assembled unit that is ready to install.

We also offer optional installation services and through our parent company, OakWood, can provide a turnkey renovation solution too!

How to get started

  • Book a free in-home consultation with our design consultant.
  • Receive our Cabinet Planning Guide – emailed when you book your consult.
  • Add product and gallery photos to your MY FAVORITES folder and share or email this to our designer to discuss when you meet.